Let Codi's legacy be shown in our lives

Keizer Times Opinions
By Scotta Callister, Editor & Publisher
Published: September 29, 2003

The Keizer community and particularly the community of Cummings elementary School lost a special soul this week with the passing of 11-year-old Codi Frazier.

Codi went through the last months of her life with a positive attitude and sensibility that seemed well beyond her years. She spoke matter-of-factly about the cancer that would take her life, and she dealt with a host of adults — doctors, teachers, relatives and friends — as equal partners in the adventure of her life.

Along the way, she sparked a sense of compassion in the local community that resulted in an outpouring of support for her — and for the cancer causes that she espoused. But it was definitely a two-way street. In opening their wallets and hearts, community members who too often feel harried by the press of work and family problems were reminded of their own mortality and the importance of keeping and holding their own loved ones now, while there is the luxury of time. That’s a lesson that is truly priceless.

Codi shared her experiences through her personal website, www.codibug.com, which will remain in operation to honor her memory. It’s important to note that the site doesn’t just focus on her personal experience but also encourages people to reach out to support cancer research and education programs. Through the website and her personal appearances with local groups, she became our own little ambassador for the cause.

Codi succumbed to inoperable bone cancer on Tuesday, but that cause continues. Community members who knew Codi and those who are just learning of her legacy can still help. In doing so, they keep her memory alive.

Perhaps Cummings principal Char Sachtjen said it best: “I think that children call us to be better people. And that’s how I saw Codi. She brought out the best in people.”

This week, Codi continues to do that, as her life and her death remind us of our own blessings, the importance of celebrating each day of life as a gift, and the value of reaching out to help our neighbors and friends. — SC