Codi Goes To Disneyland

McNary Estates Newsletter
Published June, 2003

Ten year old, Codi, of Keizer completes her Wish and travels to Disneyland with her Mother, Katie and her Aunt, Loni Barrett of Keizer on an exciting three day journey. Codi is battling inoperable cancer and Make-a-Wish arranged a rush trip to Disneyland. She is entered in a new experimental drug therapy which is administered at Doernbecher Hospital and is right in the midst of this testing program which may help her.

They flew out of Alaska Airlines on April 30th and returned to Portland on May 3rd.

When interviewed for her wish by wish granters Blanche and Don Conat, Codi stated "I want to go to Disneyland because I have never been there. I want to experience the magic like the other kids do."

Codi was so impressed with "Goofy's Kitchen" at Disneyland that they decided to eat most of their meals there where they really enjoyed themselves.

The beautiful thing about living in a smaller community like Keizer is that when something happens to a resident like Codi who needs immediate help, the community really turns out and the results are usually terrific. The Keizer Rotary Club came through for her with a tremendous donation. Town & Country Bowl staged a very successful Bowl-a-Thon. Fire & Soul put on a concert & dessert. Cummings Elementary School had a great fundraiser, as did many more Keizer merchants.

It is very heart warming to see so many residents and merchants support Codi in a time of need.

Congratulations Keizer on a job well done - when a community backs a project like this, it is a pleasure to say I'm from Keizer, Oregon.