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Codi Frazier, a 10 year old resident of Keizer, Oregon. Diagnosis: recurrence of osteogenic sarcoma.

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The Woodburn Drag Strip - 05/18/03

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The welcome sign.

Me by the Capitol trailer.

The Capitol car in action.

Me getting into the Capitol car.

Me, Mama Loni, and the Capitol driver Rich Bailey.

Rich Bailey and me.

At the drag strip.

We all had a really fun time.

Me and some buddies.

Me and Kim Parker, another driver.

Me and my posse.

Me and my boyfriend.  :)

Me in another car.

Me and the Pony Express driver.

The Pony Express in action.

The Pony Express....

The Pony Express again.

Me and my friends again.

Some of the crew.

Some more of the crew.

It was fun, but LOUD!

These pictures are from the trip to the Woodburn drag strip on Sunday the 18th. I got to be an honorary pit crew member for the Capitol Auto Group dragster, which is driven by Rich Bailey. I also served on the crew for Kim Parker. My name was on several of the drivers' race cars and they were all very kind. It was a very fun day. The jet cars are unbelievable and one of them, the Pony Express also had my name on it. I was joined on this trip by Mama Loni, Sara, Brandon, Teagan, Neco and my sister Loni Nicole.


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