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Codi Frazier, a 10 year old resident of Keizer, Oregon. Diagnosis: recurrence of osteogenic sarcoma.

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Salem Riverfront Carousel Pictures

This is a two part gallery.  :)

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Part 1:  These are pics from the day that my teachers from Cummings Elementary School all went to the carousel.  I was in the hospital at the time, (this was back in April), and they all went and took pictures of themselves riding on the carousel, and they brought them to me with other gifts, and cards, to cheer me up!  Wasn't that nice of them?

The Salem Riverfront Carousel.

This is one of my favorite places in Salem.

Me and Sara.

Me and the Riverfront Carousel statue.

Me outside the carousel.

Me outside the carousel.

Doing what I love best.....

.....riding the horses.

Mama Loni kept waving at me, so I had to wave back.

Close up on a horse.

Mama Loni riding with me.  (I am on my favorite horse - Magic.)

In the carousel store.  There are SO many things here that I WANT.

Signing the guest register at the carousel.

Part 2:  These are pics from the day that I visited the carousel.  I should say ONE day I visited, cause I go a lot!  I LOVE it there!  These pictures were taken May 28th, 2003.


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