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Codi Frazier, a 10 year old resident of Keizer, Oregon. Diagnosis: recurrence of osteogenic sarcoma.

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Pictures of Me Hanging Around My Home

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Me and my Aunt Sara.

Me and the sweetie cat Tommy, he likes to sleep with me.

Me and Tommy again, he always cheers me up.

Just me at the computer.

Me at the computer again, making a GOOD smile for the camera!

This is my new belt buckle with the horse on it.

I can be a rock star whenever I want, because I love to sing.

Me and some friends at the house, and that's Aunt Sara's dog Baby in the background.

Just me standing in front of the Relay for Life poster.

I love living in my house.  There are so many people to have fun with.  Mama Loni, Aunt Sara, my sister Loni Nicole, and my brothers Wesley and Brandon.  There is always something fun going on everyday! 


Me and my sister, Loni Nicole.

Me and my cousin Rachel.

Monkey in the Middle

Monkey in the Middle


Still playing.

Monkey in the Middle

These pictures were taken on June 18, 2003.  Me and my sister Loni Nicole, and my cousin Rachel were playing outside - having a good time.  We were playing "Monkey in the Middle" and I was the monkey.


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