Codi Jean Frazier - Photos from My Stay at Doernbecher Children's Hospital
Codi Frazier, a 10 year old resident of Keizer, Oregon. Diagnosis: recurrence of osteogenic sarcoma.

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My Most Recent Stay At Doernbecher

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Pinky the fish, in a toy dragster the racers had dropped off. Pinky kept me company during my hospitalization and had a number medical procedures done on him - if u only knew...

Me with senator Rick Metsger

Me and some of my presents.

Me with the governor, who is wearing my kitty backpack that my friend DeLinda gave me for my birthday - it also makes a great pillow!

Me with the therapy dog

Me with my teachers, Mrs. Bethers and Mrs. Blevins

Just me.

Me with my friend Betty Dominguez, she took me to see Peter Pan.

Me with Mama Loni and my principal Mrs. Sachtjen

Me and my friend Sara.

Me with Gabe, a really nice volunteer at Doernbecher.  He is applying to med schools and hopes to attend OHSU med school.  I really hope he makes it in there and I just know he will be a good doctor someday.

Me with another osteosarcoma patient, Bridjett who also has an amputation of her left knee, w/rotationplasty

Me with Dr. Linda Stork.

Me with nurse John- who Pinky the fish is attacking.

They had to give Pinky an injection to help him calm down and sleep.

Me coloring

Me laying down with Mama Loni

Me in the CT scan machine.  I know it looks scary but it's pretty easy really.  All you do is lay there and it takes pictures inside your body.

Me again, just looking at pictures.

My rotationplasty.

These are pictures from my most recent hospital stay from July 3rd thru July 15th, not necessarily in order... I don't like being in the hospital, but all the people that work there, and all my friends that came to visit me, made it easier for me.  So thank you everyone!


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