Codi Jean Frazier - My Photos of Around Our New House
Codi Frazier, a 10 year old resident of Keizer, Oregon. Diagnosis: recurrence of osteogenic sarcoma.

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Pictures Of Me Around Our New House

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Me on the front porch swing with Robin from Relay for Life.

Me and Robin again.  I love the porch swing.

Me and my favorite candy - Jolly Ranchers - yummy.

Me getting a foot rub by Colleen from Cummings Elementary School.

With Colleen, still rubbing my feet.

Me with my bunny rabbit Cinnamon.

This is our house.  Mama Loni calls it the "Barrett Mansion" because it's so big.

This is our kitchen.

This is the upstairs living room.

This is the dining room.

This is the creek that runs on the property, in front of the house.  You have to drive over this creek to get to the house.

These are more pictures of me in and around the house we moved into in August 2003.  I love this house.  I told Mama Loni she should get it because it was nice and big and it was in the woods.  There's a creek running through the property and a bridge you have to drive over to get to the house.  There's also a squirrel that comes around and hummingbirds too!


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