Artwork by Codi

Artwork was a favorite pastime for Codi. She loved to draw and color. It was always a joy to see her new works of art. This was a good thing since she was laid up in hospital beds for so much of her life. She didn’t complain much. She knew how to have fun anywhere, anytime. Codi’s artwork was proudly plastered all over the walls of her bedroom and her hospital rooms. We still have a lot of her original artwork. We continued to find them stashed away after she passed away. Those are treasures.

Codi wanted to share her artwork with the world and why not? There’s a powerful message in this art, so here it is.

Beginning of Codi’s Original Site
Artwork by Codi - original art drawn and colored by Codi Frazier.

Original Artwork by Codi Frazier

These are my pictures that I have drawn and colored.  I love to do art and everyone seems to want me to draw for them. I like to draw to keep busy, or to put a picture that is in my head on paper.  As you can see, I love the ocean and the things that can be found in it, like mermaids, dolphins and sharks!  I think sharks are cool!  I also love cats like Hello Kitty, she is my favorite. I hope you like my art.